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Steve's Goods Cartridge D8 Strawnana

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Brand: Steve's Goods

Steve’s Goods Strawnana Delta-8 cartridges have a yummy fruity profile, with a relaxing and happy high, but kick you in the butt physically! These sweet and fruity 510-thread cartridges are produced using the finest Colorado Delta-8 Distillate, then combined with rich plant-derived terpenes, creating a flavor profile that’s sweet, fruity and creamy. Strawnana is a strong Indica strain, building slowly and transitioning from a relaxed mental state, to a completely relaxed and sedated physical state. Its calming and “in the moment” effects may help promote a sense of well-being that might make everything around you seem enjoyable. As time passes, more physical effects will kick-in, mostly rendering you incapacitated from doing anything other than getting comfy on the couch, or in the bed. Get one of these delicious cartridges today, and enjoy some refreshing, relaxing down-time!

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